Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Northern exposure: A greenhouse in Churchill, Manitoba

Paul Ratson in the greenhouse.
Photo by Katharine Fletcher
By Katharine Fletcher

How do you beat -50°C and polar bears, and enjoy fresh veggies in the “frozen north”?


Paul Ratson and his partner Pam O’Leary are hardy. And, not just because they live on the shores of Hudson Bay “just out of town.” That town is Churchill. Here, phrases like “the frozen north” and “land of the midnight sun” spring to mind and reflect challenging growing conditions.

Ratson came here in 1975; Pam in 1992. They operate Nature 1st Tours, where they conduct hiking and bus tours of the area. Adds O’Leary: “We also provide polar bear security for companies.” (Hang on to that thought…)

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